Znamy datę premiery Resident Evil: Revelations w Europie!

Tak, w końcu poznaliśmy datę premiery Resident Evil: Revelations! Wg oficjalnego komunikatu Capcom, gra pojawi się na sklepowych półkach w Europie 27 stycznia 2012 r. Poniżej możecie zobaczyć oficjalną okładkę gry.

Hot off the heels of the recent partnership to distribute Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Nintendo and Capcom® have today confirmed that they have entered into a new distribution agreement for the forthcoming game Resident Evil™ Revelations, scheduled for release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS across Europe on 27th January 2012.

Resident Evil Revelations heralds a return to classic Resident Evil gameplay and is packed with terrifying moments and an intense canon storyline, all in stunning 3D. Set in 2005, Resident Evil Revelations contains new content that answers questions and reveals truths from the main Resident Evil storyline between Resident Evil 4™ and Resident Evil 5™.

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