Pierwsze obrazki i detale z Sonic Generations 3DS

W najnowszym magazynie NintendoPower pojawiła się pierwsza wzmianka na temat trójwymiarowej edycji Sonic Generations. Lista ficzerów jest całkiem spora i pozostawiam ją Wam do lektury poniżej. Co warto odnotować to fakt, że gra ma być specjalnie dostosowana do Nintendo 3DS a nie „tylko konwersją” z dużych konsol. Pojawią się m.in. nowe poziomy czy dodatkowe bonusy, które będzie można odkryć używając StreePass i PlayCoins. W galerii możecie zobaczyć również pierwsze obrazki, nie są one jednak zbyt dobrej jakości bo zostały zeskanowane z magazynu.

– Classic Sonic: Simplified platforming-heavy approach
– New enemy (mysterious lifeform) erased time and space
– This sends modern-day Sonic back to the past
– Modern-style Sonic gameplay is comparable to the Sonic Rush/Sonic Colors DS titles
– This is different than the 3D gameplay for the console versions
– Sonic taps his foot impatiently and will lie down if you leave him idle too long
– Different levels than console version
– One such stage is casino Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2
– Gameplay faithful to the Genesis era
– Physics feel more authentic than Sonic 4
– Only move is Spin Dash (besides running and jumping)
– All environments come from previous titles
– Stages themselves are brand new in terms of layout
– Modern Sonic: Action more kinetic than in the classic stages
– Full set of moves available for Modern Sonic
– Grind rails, slide under obstacles, jump off walls, use a homing attack, collect rings to fill boost gauge
– Extra “gimmicks” including ziplines and pads
– No major aesthetic differences between both versions of Green Hill Zone
– Modern Sonic stage has a jazzy remix of the original tune
– Modern remixes of classic tracks
– Big Arm boss: controlled by Dr. Robotnik
– Robotnik appears in his form from the Genesis games
– Robotnik controls the robot a bit differently now: rotates into the background and thrusts Big Arm’s fist towards you
– All unique bosses for 3DS version
– Unlock special challenges with StreetPass or Play Coins
– Two-player race mode via local wireless
– Some story differences between the 3DS version and the console versions, but they’re basically the same
– Directed by Tetsu Katano (Sonic and the Black Knight director)
– Co-developed by Sonic Team and Dimps
– Physics made from scratch
– 3DS version will only have characters who are integral to the story

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