Nowa gra od Capcom na 3DS.

Capcom zapowiedziało kolejną grę przygotowywaną z myślą o Nintendo 3DS, która w Japonii ukaże się pod tytułem „Nazo Waku Yakata„. Na chwile obecną niewiele wiadomo na temat produkcji, ale jeśli wierzyć różnym źródłom, już wkrótce na łamach Famitsu pojawi się oficjalna zapowiedź. Poniżej kilka faktów, o których wiemy już dziś:

– Control everything through voice, gyro sensor, touch
– 3D sound support through headphones or via your PC
– Character designs from Tadahiro Uesugi
– Scenario from Yukinori Kitajima
– Directed by Minoru Nakai

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  1. Capcom’s Unveils 3DS Sound Adventure Game Nazo Waku Yakata
    New title uses 3D audio technology and does away with buttons.
    Posted Mar 23, 2011 at 14:00, By Anoop Gantayat

    Solid details on Capcom’s new 3DS title Nazo Waku Yakata have surfaced via Sokuho @ Hokanko. Here’s what Famitsu had to say about the new game this week.

    Nazo Waku Yakata is a „sound adventure” game where you explore a mansion called Nazo Waku Yakata (or maybe just „Nazo Waku” — Yakata is Japanese for mansion). The mansion has lots of rooms and some strange residents.

    The game has a unique control system that does not make use of buttons. The action is shown on the 3D screen, but you can touch icons on the bottom screen to investigate areas of the rooms. You can look at the rooms via gyro controls, where you tilt the 3DS in the direction you want to see. You’ll also be able to speak into the system’s mic. The mansion residents will react to your comments in various ways.

    Examples of the rooms and your interactions include:

    * Massage Room: where you touch a girl who’s wearing a bathing suit.
    * Fire Place Room: where you light a fireplace.
    * Insect Room: a hornet (or possibly the sound from a hornet) will suddenly enter your ear.
    * Fireworks Room: where you attempt to hold the system as steady as possible to keep the fireworks from lighting up.

    Nazo Waku Yakata is being directed by Minoru Nakai and has character designs from Tadahiro Uesugi and a scenario from Yukinori Kitajima.

    Speaking with Famitsu, Nakai made note of the game’s use of 3D audio. This is being done through a technology called Optophonics. Through this technology, the game will offer 360 degree sound. Nakai says that you’ll be able to hear the 3D effect even through cheap headphones.

    There are apparently a lot of secrets behind the Optophonics technology, and the staff was not fully detailed on it, so they had a special Optophonics technician assist with the recording process.

    As an example of the 3D sound use, Nakai mentioned the sound of the insect in the insect room coming into your year, the sound of a maid blowing on your year, and the sound of tape being wrapped around you. He suggested that players use headphones and play in a quiet room.

    Moving on from the sound technology, Nakai describes Nazo Waku Yakata as a game that allows you to experience horror, suspense and even comedy. The residents of the mansion, while strange, are definitely not bad. The mansion is the kind of place that you’ll want to visit again because you enjoyed yourself.

    The focus appears to be on short experiences in the rooms. Each room will be played for between 3 to 5 minutes, or at most 7 – 8 minutes for longer rooms. Once cleared with one room, you’ll move on to the next.

    Development on Nazo Waku Yakata is at 60%. A release is due for summer.

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