Nowe ciekawostki dotyczące 3DS-a

IGN UK postanowiło zadać Nintendo kilka pytań dotyczących ich nowej przenośnej konsoli. Najciekawsze informacje możecie przeczytać poniżej, natomiast jeśli jesteście zainteresowani innymi szczegółami, to zapraszam pod ten adres.

– 3DS allows for custom game soundtracks via MP3 support, but no titles in the works with this feature
– The Nintendo eShop, the ability to transfer Nintendo DSiWare games to Nintendo 3DS and the Internet Browser will all be activated via a worldwide system update which is scheduled for late May.
– The Nintendo 3DS supports WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security settings
– Game Coins: We anticipate Play Coins to be used in a variety of different ways in-game—unlocking bonus content is just one example. Play Coins will not be used in the e-Shop.
– not discussing voice chat capabilities, but this should be a feature that will be in future games
– Similar to the way Friend Codes work on Wii, once friend codes are exchanged you see your friend listed by the nickname assigned to their system.
– not talking friend messaging at this time

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