Nowe obrazki z Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

Square Enix pokazało kilka nowych obrazków prosto z taśmy produkcyjnej Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, do których obejrzenia zapraszamy do naszej galerii poniżej. Jak Wam się podoba?

Przy okazji załączam kilka detali na temat gry:

– Game’s title doesn’t include 3D when you include the “Dream Drop Distance” subtitle
– Nomura admitted that Sora’s actions in the first trailer look like actions during his form changes from Kingdom Hearts 2
– The team wants players to experience dynamic form change-like actions even as normal actions
– Nomura assures that, although some of the actions look difficult to control, the team will make the game so that they will be easy to control in the end
– Character switching system is automatic because the team is using the system for “surprise”
– Nomura thinks there will be a rise in thrills because the feeling of security players have will be taken away when reaching a certain point
– Players will be able to develop their own strategies for how to progress according to their expectations
– Sora and Riku visit the same worlds, but in different orders
– Sora and Riku are not in the same place
– The trailer showed the two in the same place, but this is rare
– Nomura believes the new system for Sora/Riku having different actions and control methods is like the same level as how in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Sora’s card deck could be freely set while Riku used a preset deck
– Sora/Riku art piece was made with Disney anime packaging in mind
– Nomura hasn’t drawn anything for Kingdom Hearts 3D specifically yet
– Nomura considering changing Sora and Riku’s clothing
– Nomura feels that players may think 3D is a remake if the two characters show up in the same clothing
– The two are in their original clothing for the sake of the story
– Nomura is considering having Sora/Riku appear in their current clothing at the start of the game, and change midway through

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